ARGE Requirements

Learn more about what job centres need if they are to cover your accommodation costs.

What job centres require if they are to cover your accommodation costs

Here you find out about what requirements need to be fulfilled in order for your local job centre to cover the costs of your apartment if you lose your job. Also find out about the other costs your job centre will cover.

Which costs are covered and what is the procedure?

  • The costs for accommodation and heating – as appropriate – are covered by the Jobcenter. If the cost for hot water is not already included in the heating costs, this will also be met by the Jobcenter. Electricity bills have to be paid by the tenant from their standard Hartz-IV benefits payments.
  • The money to pay rent is only transferred directly to landlords in exceptional cases. Normally, the rent goes to the tenant along with their standard payment, and the tenant is responsible for making sure that the landlord receives the rent.
  • Tenants can avoid the intermediate step of transferring the rent to the landlord every month by filling out a form at the Jobcenter. The rent will then be transferred directly from the Jobcenter to the landlord and the tenant can be assured that the rent will be paid on time – without any additional effort.

What costs for accommodation and heating are considered to be appropriate?

The cost of an apartment is only covered when the Jobcenter has determined that the rent and the size of the apartment are appropriate. The Jobcenter usually considers an apartment of about 45 square meters to be appropriate for one person. For every additional person in the household, 15 square meters are added to that figure. The amount of rent that is considered appropriate is individually determined by each municipality.

Please bear in mind:

  • Jobcenters can cancel payments, for example if the claimant does not show up for scheduled appointments. This can lead to a tenant being evicted.
  • Recipients of so-called “Transferleistungen” are excluded from housing benefits.
  • Here you can find which guidelines apply in which region for accommodation, heating, hot water and housing security.