How to dispose of bulky waste

How and where you can dispose of bulky waste is explained in this article.

How to dispose of bulky waste properly

Many people are familiar with the problems associated with bulky waste: Somebody leaves an old table on the street in the hope that a passerby will give it a new home. A couple of days later a big pile of other bulky waste has joined it. Does anyone really want to live with this around? Fortunately, many cities offer special services to dispose of bulky items.

Getting rid of bulky waste – quickly, with a clean conscience and normally for free

  • Fixed date: In some communities there are fixed dates when bulky waste is collected, similar to everyday household garbage. Simply place your bulky waste in front of the door or at the location used for such collections in your neighbourhood shortly before the pickup time. For example, bulky waste is collected once a month in Münster. The same applies in Kiel. You can find more the information you need on each city’s homepage.
  • Bulky waste by appointment: Many cities allow you to call a disposal company to arrange for them to pick up the bulky waste. This is how it is done in Berlin. Cologne does it this way, too. These services will usually dispose of up to three cubic meters without charge.
  • Recycling yard: It is also possible to take the bulky waste to city-run recycling yards. There is sometimes a small fee for certain types of bulky waste, or waste exceeding a specific weight limit. This varies from city to city. The main point is that it is possible to dispose of appliances, such as refrigerators, for free.

If you come across bulky waste on the street, you should call up the city to report it. The city will then organise for the waste to be disposed of correctly. As this normally takes some time, it's important that everybody plays their part by not adding to the pile of bulky waste.

One more thing: Your Christmas tree is also classed as bulky waste. In Berlin, Münster and Kiel there are selected days after Christmas when the city collects Christmas trees and removes them for free. In Cologne, the trees can be taken to a disposal or collection site. Your city’s homepage has all the information about where, when and how you can dispose of your bulky waste.