Holiday checklist

Prevent nasty surprises.

Holiday checklist to prevent nasty surprises

Summer is the major holiday season. But before you start your well-earned vacation, there are a few things you should do to protect your apartment from break-ins and other dangers.

Take precautions

Taking a few preventative measures will allow you to relax and unwind while you are away – and ensure you don't have to worry about the state your apartment will be in when you return from your holiday:

  • Don't draw attention to the fact that you will be away, such as via your social media profiles or on your answering machine.
  • Only leave a spare key with someone you really trust.
  • Maintain good relations with your neighbours so that they will keep an eye out for suspicious strangers in and around the building.
  • When you are at home: Don't just let anyone into the building. Make sure you use the intercom to ask visitors who they are and what they want before you open the door.

If you have already followed the tips listed above, and your holiday is fast approaching, then take a little time before you go on your deserved break and get your apartment ready for your absence:

  • Make sure you turn off all the taps and the water stopcock, as well as all of your windows and doors, before you leave.
  • Turn off all of your electrical devices to prevent short circuits and to save energy. The surest method is to unplug everything that doesn't need to be on while you are away.
  • Check that you don't leave any food in your apartment that can go off while you are away. If you are going to be gone for a couple of weeks or more, you should empty your fridge and freezer, defrost the freezer and then leave it unplugged until you return from your holiday.
  • Ask neighbours or friends to empty your postbox regularly, check in on your apartment from time to time and water your plants.

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Now all you have to look forward to is a relaxing vacation. BGP wishes you a happy holiday!