How to air out your apartment

Bathing, cooking and washing all create moisture. Learn why this is dangerous and how to air out your apartment in the following article.

How to air out your apartment and avoid mould

Mould is not only ugly to look at, it can be damaging to your health. Mould can also severely damage your furniture. The most frequent cause of mould in apartments is a build up of moisture. To keep moisture as low as possible and thereby prevent mould, you should regularly air out your apartment. But this airing out has to be done properly. The most important questions about airing out are answered here:

How often should I air out my apartment?

  • It's best if you completely air out your apartment immediately after you get up in the morning. Then during the day, once in the afternoon and again in the evening.

What’s the best way to air out my apartment?

  • To air out your apartment effectively, the windows and all the room doors should be wide open. The air in the apartment is refreshed by a short burst of ventilation. The bathroom and kitchen doors should remain closed so that humidity from bathing and cooking can't spread through the rest of your apartment.

How long should I air out my apartment?

  • You should open your windows for ten minutes at a time, reduced to five minutes in winter. Continuous ventilation with tilted windows should be avoided because large amounts of warmth are lost and the walls cool down, leading to the formation of mould.

Which rooms have to be aired out?

  • Rooms where people spend a lot of time, where the washing is hung out to dry, where water is heavily used, and rooms containing plants or aquariums have to be aired out frequently. This also includes the bathroom and kitchen, along with bedrooms and children's rooms.
  • The bathroom is a special case: A lot of moisture builds up in the bathroom, which creates increased risk of mould. After showering or bathing, you should immediately open the bathroom window to let the moist air out. If the bathroom doesn’t have a window, you should remove the rest of the moisture from the bathtub, shower or tiles with a hand towel. Dry the wet hand towels – and also freshly washed clothes – if possible on the balcony, the terrace or in the garden.