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Community spirit: cleaning up rubbish together in Verden

Exhausted, but happy: the hard-working rubbish collectors show off the results of their clean-up action.

BGP, together with its partners from the community's Bürgertreff-Team and Kista, the association of friends of the neighbourhood, called on local residents to join them in a clean-up of Schwarzer Berg, Hoppenkamp and Salzstraße in Verden.

The goal: To encourage residents to feel more responsible for their neighbourhood; to give neighbours a chance to get to know one another; and to do something positive for the environment. These are all really important, but most important of all was that everyone living in the neighbourhood should feel happier and safer once all of the rubbish was cleared from the area's pavements and green spaces.

Just rewards for hardworking helpers
Neighbours both young and old gathered at the Bürgertreff for the clean-up on Friday afternoon at 2:00 pm. Understandably, the local media had also taken an interest and followed the clean-up closely. For most of the helpers, the clean-up was a matter of honour and neighbourhood pride. They armed themselves with gloves, bin bags and litter pickers in order to really get to grips with the garbage. All of the equipment was donated by the clean-up's organisers. In just a few hours the neighbourhood was as clean as could be, free of rubbish but full of tired volunteers, all justifiably proud of everything they had achieved. The event was rounded off perfectly with coffee and cake, and there were even treats for the day's youngest helpers.

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