Preventing break-ins

Protecting your property and private space.

Preventing break-ins

A break-in involves more than just the theft of your possessions and material damage to your property, it also represents a serious invasion of your private space and can have a long-lasting emotional and psychological impact. In many cases, burglars exploit the carelessness of residents to gain entry to an apartment. There is even a common saying, “opportunity makes a thief,” that reflects this. It only takes a few simple preventative measures to make your apartment thief-proof, protecting both you and your possessions.

Follow these simple steps to make your apartment safer:

  • Make sure you lock all of your doors properly and ensure that your front door is double-locked. Tilted windows are easy to open from the outside, so make sure that you close your windows securely, even if you are only going out for a few minutes.
  • Don't make burglars' lives easier with dense or tall plants in front of your windows, or climbable trellises on the building's exterior. Make it as difficult as you can for burglars to get into the building without drawing attention to themselves.
  • Security doors and windows can keep thieves out, as can a decent alarm. Make sure you find out what options are available for your home.
  • You're going on holiday soon? Then follow our holiday checklist to protect yourself from any nasty surprises.

Home contents insurance: Cover for your possessions against damage and loss

Even after you have done everything you can to minimise the risks of burglary, it is still important to protect yourself for if the worst does happen. In this case, home contents insurance is definitely the best option. This type of insurance covers your personal belongings against loss or damage, including as a result of a break-in or vandalism. Other costs, such as for cleaning up or repairing any damage from a break-in, are covered, as are your furniture, household equipment and clothing. And even better: home contents insurance also compensates you for any damage caused by storms, hail and rain or flood water. However, there is no cover for any accidental damage caused by the policyholder themselves, for example if an overrunning bath results in water damage. Insurance policies are on offer for as little as seven euros per month and can easily be arranged online.