Student apartments

Apartments for students at fair prices. Find your dream apartment at “campusglueck”.

Student living at “campusglueck”

You've got your university place in the bag and your move to a new city – possibly one you've never visited before – is coming up? All that you need now is somewhere to live. Well, you've come to just the right place! At “campusglueck” we have exactly what you are looking for and everything you need to get off to the best possible start to your student life.

Current offerings

Regrettably no offers available at present. Please check again soon.

“campusglueck” is synonymous with modern living for students. We have apartments to suit your every need – from cozy single apartments to larger shared apartments that provide you with the room you need to live comfortably with one or two flatmates.

Tailored to students: Services at “campusglueck”

The apartments at “campusglueck” are all very central, close to your university and within easy reach of the city centre. Depending on which of our residences you choose, we offer a range of services to make living at “campusglueck” as easy and comfortable as possible:

  • Electricity, TV and Internet are all organised for you – you don't have to waste time getting connected or commit yourself to providers for years.
  • Your campus manager is on-site to answer your questions and deal with any problems.
  • A media lounge, equipped with a projector and screen, tables and chairs, means that you can rehearse your uni presentations and work together with other students on projects or to cram for exams.
  • A comfortable lounge provides you with the perfect space for getting to know your neighbours.