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Campusglueck Karlsruhe: Rooms with a view

Sunshine makes you happy, and Karlsruhe is one of the warmest and friendliest cities in Germany, bathing in 1,800 hours of sunshine per year – which is one of the many good reasons to study in the second-largest city in Baden-Württemberg. To give your student life the sunniest of prospects, campusglueck in Karlsruhe offers affordable apartments in modern high-rises, with balconies and stunning views over the city’s beautiful southern districts.

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Breathtaking views over the rooftops of Karlsruhe: Living at Campus Welfenstraße

Campus Welfenstraße is situated in southern Karlsruhe and offers convenient access to the local public transport system, which makes it incredibly easy to get around the city. The university’s nine institutions are largely located centrally, inside the Adenauerring circular highway. This is where you will also find the magnificent, nineteenth-century Karlsruhe Palace, nestled in idyllic palace gardens. The palace’s grounds are a magnet for students, who just love to combine a spot of sun worship with catching up on their reading or meeting friends. From above, Karlsruhe looks like a Chinese fan: All of the city’s most important streets radiate out from the central palace, which is why Karlsruhe is also known as “the fan-shaped city”. Karlsruhe is famous around the world for its natural science and technical study programmes. The university includes the renowned “Karlsruhe Institute for Technology” (KIT), which is less than 20 minutes away from Welfenstraße on the train. A fifteen-minute walk will take you to the Karlsruhe Zoo and the city’s main rail station.

With a friend or on your own – comfortable apartments with balconies at Campus Welfenstraße

In Karlsruhe, campusglueck offers comfortable student apartments in a totally central location, in a 14-storey, modern high-rise at Welfenstraße 30. Our unfurnished apartments are perfect for students excited about having their very own place for the first time time in their lives. Our tenants can choose between 34-sqm, one-room apartments, and 57-sqm, two-room apartments, which are ideal for sharing with a friend. Each apartment has a fitted kitchen and private balcony.

We are expanding – Campus Welfenstraße just keeps on growing

The number of apartments at campusglueck Karlsruhe is currently being expanded. In 2016, we expect to let between 40 and 50 apartments. All in all, we are planning 140 student apartments. Step by step, we are creating high-end student apartments in Welfenstraße, with new bathrooms, high-quality flooring, improved fitted kitchens and new electrical installations. Depending on their size, the freshly-renovated apartments are available from €699 for a one-room apartment and between €555 and €599 for a room in a shared apartment.

Your apartment is equipped as follows:

  • Fitted kitchen: Each apartment features a modern, fitted kitchen, with wall and base storage cupboards.
  • Balcony: Each apartment has its own balcony – perfect for relaxing outdoors and enjoying the spectacular views over Karlsruhe.
  • Internet connection: Tenants do not have to worry about their own internet connection thanks to our practical wireless internet service, which is accessible throughout the building.
  • All-inclusive rent: At Campusglueck, the rent is an all-inclusive package, which includes all utilities, such as electricity, heating, water and even internet.
  • Washing machines are provided: There is a special laundry room in the cellar. The washing machines can be used via a chip card system.
  • Each apartment has its own lock.

Addition services with campusglueck:

  • Bicycle cellar.
  • Car-sharing: Campusglueck is offering an extra special service: Parking spaces for car-sharing users who want to shorten their journey to the university.
  • Campus manager: We are also planning to have an on-site contact person for any issues concerning apartments, to make sure you have an easy move and a stress-free life in your new apartment. If you want the job, it could be yours! Send your application to: